New Zealand Public Holidays

A calendar guide to the New Zealand public and bank holidays for the coming years to help plan when to book your holiday.

Visits to any locations, venues or special events that are held at these times of year can be listed in your travel plans to coincide with your tour of NZ.

Further down the page there is a list of links to New Zealand holidays dates listings for this year and future years.

At these national holiday times of the year there will be all kinds of local and national events to visit. However, keep it in mind that the population of NZ will also be on holiday at the same time.

Remember that a lot of shops, garages, and other places you would normally expect to be open for business may well be closed on some of these days.

Competition for accommodation and travel is high during New Zealand public holidays so be sure to book well in advance.

Current and Future Years

All the public holiday information is listed on this page.

List of detailed holiday dates for each year, or scroll to view the years in order.

Some of the public holidays are officially taken as the following working day if the vacation date falls on a weekend day. This is in place so that working New Zealanders do not miss having a day off work that they are entitled to have for the bank holiday and from 2014 also includes Waitangi and ANZAC Days. For example, if the holiday falls on a Sunday, Monday will normally be taken as the holiday day. Or, if the Monday happens to be another holiday date such as Boxing Day, the Tuesday will be taken for Christmas Day. It can be quite confusing in some years but the links above take you to pages that give exact days of vacations in NZ.

It is therefore advisable to check the dates of public holiday events in advance of travel to ensure you know the exact date of the event. The venue of any event will be able to advise you of any day changes for any particular year according to the national or bank holiday. You don't want to arrive a day early or a day late!

Public Holidays 2016

Public Holiday

Date 2016

New Year Friday 1st January 2016
Day After New Year Monday 4th January 2016
Waitangi Day Monday 8th February 2016
Good Friday Friday 25th March 2016
Easter Monday Monday 28th March 2016
ANZAC Day Monday 25th April 2016
Queen's Birthday Monday 6th June 2016
Labour Day Monday 24th October 2016
Christmas Day Sunday 25th December 2016 or
Tuesday 27th December 2016
Boxing Day Monday 26th December 2016

Public Holidays 2017

Public Holiday

Date 2017

New Year Sunday 1st January or Tuesday 3rd January 2017
Day After New Year Monday 2nd January 2017
Waitangi Day Monday 6th February 2017
Good Friday Friday 14th April 2017
Easter Monday Monday 17th April 2017
ANZAC Day Tuesday 25th April 2017
Queen's Birthday Monday 5th June 2017
Labour Day Monday 23rd October 2017
Christmas Day Monday 25th December 2017
Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 2017

Public Holidays 2018

Public Holiday

Date 2018

New Year Monday 1st January 2018
Day After New Year Tuesday 2nd January 2018
Waitangi Day Tuesday 6th February 2018
Good Friday Friday 30th March 2018
Easter Monday Monday 2nd April 2018
ANZAC Day Wednesday 25th April 2018
Queen's Birthday Monday 4th June 2018
Labour Day Monday 22nd October 2018
Christmas Day Tuesday 25th December 2018
Boxing Day Wednesday 26th December 2018

Public Holidays 2019

Public Holiday

Date 2019

New Year Tuesday 1st January 2019
Day After New Year Wednesday 2nd January 2019
Waitangi Day Wednesday 6th February 2019
Good Friday Friday 19th April 2019
Easter Monday Monday 22nd April 2019
ANZAC Day Thursday 25th April 2019
Queen's Birthday Monday 3rd June 2019
Labour Day Monday 28th October 2019
Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December 2019
Boxing Day Thursday 26th December 2019

Public Holidays 2020

Public Holiday

Date 2020

New Year Wednesday 1st January 2020
Day After New Year Thursday 2nd January 2020
Waitangi Day Thursday 6th February 2020
Good Friday Friday 10th April 2020
Easter Monday Monday 13th April 2020
ANZAC Day Monday 27th April 2020
Queen's Birthday Monday 1st June 2020
Labour Day Monday 26th October 2020
Christmas Day Friday 25th December 2020
Boxing Day Saturday 26th or Monday 28th December 2020

Public Holidays 2021

Public Holiday

Date 2021

New Year Friday 1st January 2021
Day After New Year Saturday 2nd January or
Monday 4th January 2021
Waitangi Day Monday 8th February 2021
Good Friday Friday 2nd April 2021
Easter Monday Monday 5th April 2021
ANZAC Day Monday 26th April 2021
Queen's Birthday Monday 7th June 2021
Labour Day Monday 25th October 2021
Christmas Day Monday 27th December 2021
Boxing Day Tuesday 28th December 2021

Although the above information is believed to be accurate at time of publishing, it is provided as an information and educational guide only. It is your responsibility to ensure you check with specific venues and events that fall on these days prior to booking your vacation. Please refer to the site Disclaimer.