Flights to New Zealand

Researching and booking flights to New Zealand is so easy with a choice of airlines flying there at all hours of every day from international locations.

Air New Zealand Aircraft at Auckland International Airport
Air New Zealand Aircraft at Auckland International Airport

There are a country wide network of domestic and international airports in NZ for you to choose from for your arrival destination and departure.

I have provided a list of airlines towards the bottom of this page.

NZ International Airports

Auckland Airport is the most popular for international arrivals and departures serving the largest number of passengers into and out of the country.

Other airports exist in Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin, and Palmerston North.

You can plan your itinerary to arrive at one airport and leave from another on the other island if you want to travel around both islands, it saves you the travel time of having to return to the same airport for your return journey.

List of New Zealand Airports

Flights & Airports in New Zealand

You can get domestic flights to travel long distances, such as North Island to South Island and vice versa, it's much quicker than driving and something to consider if you have limited time.

New Zealand Air Travel for different types of flights and scenic tours by air.

New Zealand Airports list.

New Zealand Airlines list.

NZ Travel Times

When you are planning your flights to New Zealand don't forget to consider the travel times between places to visit.

On one trip I spent one week in the North Island and two weeks in the South Island. In order to save driving time we took a flight from Auckland to Christchurch at the end of the first week. We booked this as a flight to Christchurch with a week-long stopover in Auckland for the North Island and therefore did not actually have to pay for the flight to Christchurch!


This list of airlines provided below is in alphabetical order. No preference is given in how I have presented the list.

Air New Zealand flight via Shanghai Airport
Air New Zealand International Flight stopover at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Flights


Cathay Pacific



Korean Air

Malaysia Airlines

Polynesian Airlines

Singapore Air

Thai Airways

Virgin Australia