New Zealand Earthquake

New Zealand Earthquake news and links to official and useful information and advice for NZ visitors and residents.

Life threatening emergencies call 111

The February 2011 earthquake in New Zealand had devastating consequences for the people of the country and shocked the world. New Zealand is a country that has relatively small earthquakes all the time but rarely is there an earthquake of a magnitude that causes so much loss of life and destruction to a community and population.

Important: The official emergency phone

  • Call 111
  • For the Christchurch Quake government helpline is 0800 779 997

Access to information for visitors to this website to keep up to date with earthquakes is in no way a substitute for official information given by New Zealand government and other organisations that are covering earthquakes in New Zealand. Links to these sites are provided below.

If you are planning to visit New Zealand or would like to know more about earthquakes in New Zealand in general, or New Zealand volcanoes, I hope this page will help you find the most recent and useful information.

Earthquake Sites


GeoNet detects, analyses, and responds to such natural hazards and provides people of New Zealand with access to this important information. The public can provide input through the Report Form.

Volcanoes: For an up to date status of volcanoes in New Zealand visit GeoNet.

Kaikoura District Council

Kaikoura EQ - Kaikoura District Council website.

Christchurch City Council

The Canterbury Earthquake website is the official website for Christchurch City Council media releases and all earthquake related information. It is a response information website managed by the Environment Canterbury & Christchurch City Council.

Christchurch New Zealand - Christchurch City Map

Canterbury Region


Buried Village Rotorua

You can make a donation to help with the New Zealand earthquakes (links below), but you can also continue with your plans to visit New Zealand for a holiday which will be a tremendous help to New Zealand citizens in the long term.

Please do not let an earthquake put you off the visit to New Zealand you have planned or are planning. The New Zealand economy is partially dependent on tourism and your contribution to the country’s economic stability is important over the coming years to help in rebuilding the earthquake affected areas.