Interesting Facts About New Zealand

Here are some key interesting facts about New Zealand, figures and other information, whether you are going on holiday or considering living there.

Lake Taupo is the Largest Lake in New Zealand
Lake Taupo is the Largest Lake in New Zealand

It's difficult to be completely accurate with every fact provided in this section of the site as some figures are prone to fluctuate, such as population. This information is to be used as a guide only.

Key New Zealand Facts and Figures

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New Zealand Population

New Zealand is an independent nation and part of the British Commonwealth.

Currently the population is 5.2 Million. New Zealand is sparcely populated per sq km and the majority of the population is living on the North Island with Auckland being the most populated region.

Languages: Predominantly English. Maori is now spoken by over 4% of the population.

Religion: Predominantly Christian around 60%, and No Religion around 25%

Life Expectancy: Female 83 years and Male 79 years

Population of New Zealand for more detail on population figures.

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New Zealand Cities Full List

Capital City: Wellington

Largest City: Auckland

The Country of New Zealand

How Big is New Zealand

Land Mass Area: 270,534 sq km. A bit larger than the UK

Length: More than 1600km

Length of coastline: 15,811 km

Highest, Deepest, Longest, Largest... Mountains, Caves, Rivers, Glaciers, Lakes

Highest Mountain Peak: Mount Cook at 3,754 m

Deepest Cave: Nettlebed - Mount Arthur 889m

Longest River: Waikato River 425km

Largest Glacier: Tasman Glacier 29km

Largest Lake: Lake Taupo 606km

Deepest Lake: Lake Hauroko 462m

New Zealand Infrastructure

New Zealand Time Zone: GMT plus 12 hours (daylight savings + or - 1 hour)

Weights and Measures: Metric

Energy: Around 60% of electricity is produced by hydroelectric power with underground steam being used to produce a substantial amount of power in the North Island.

Electricity: 240V, 50Hz

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