Explore New Zealand

Explore New Zealand with tour tips and facts, activities and things to do, attractions and places to go.

Lake and Mountain in Fiordland New Zealand National Park
Explore New Zealand National Parks

Discover the natural wonders of New Zealand's national parks, offering a wide range of activities and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a nature enthusiast, or simply looking for a serene escape, New Zealand national parks have something for everyone.

View of Auckland City Skyline and Sky Tower
New Zealand Cities and Towns

The cities across New Zealand all have uniqueness about them; find out what each city has to offer travellers, tourists, and residents.

Aeroplane Flying to New Zealand on Air New Zealand Flights
New Zealand Travel

Methods of transport for getting around and exploring New Zealand; car, campervan, motorhome, bus, train, boat, motorcycle, cycle, air, cruise ship, ferry. Information.

New Zealand wildlife, nature, birds and animals
New Zealand Wildlife - Birds - Animals

New Zealand has some fascinating wildlife including many birds and animals that are only found in this country and nowhere else in the world. Find out about the native wildlife and the conservation efforts to ensure survival of these species.

Map of New Zealand Regions
Explore New Zealand's Regions and Districts

Use this list of North Island and South Island regions across NZ to find districts, places, attractions and activities in each province of the country.

Touring New Zealand in a Campervan rental
Embrace the Freedom of Campervan Travel in New Zealand

Campervans and motorhomes are great fun and a flexible way to tour and meet people. Get some tips on hiring a camper and the facilities camp sites provide across New Zealand.

Weather Clouds on a Mountain in New Zealand
Seasons - Weather - Climate

Choose the best time of year to travel with these details about the seasons. New Zealand is a long country and the climate is different depending on region, mountains, bush, coast, islands, and can be location specific.

New Zealand Road Map and Atlas
New Zealand Road Map

My reviews of detailed maps of NZ; road atlas, camping and touring atlases that include camp sites descriptions of facilities, along with major attractions on route.

View of Auckland Urban Population of New Zealand

There are not that many people per sq. Km in NZ; here are some demographic facts and statistics on population distribution, size, and growth.

New Zealand Currency $50 NZD and $20 NZD

Find out about the money, New Zealand Dollar / NZD. Some bookings may have to be made in NZ dollars, work out the currency and exchange rates for your holiday budget.

Clock for the Time in New Zealand
Time in New Zealand

Find out the best time to phone to make bookings with this information about time zones. It's no good calling in the middle of the night!

View of Tongariro Volcanoes from Taupo
Earthquakes and Volcanoes

How to get updates on volcano or earthquake activity in New Zealand. Most earthquakes are unnoticeable but if you have concerns you can check on regional and recent activity.

This is a country that stands out as one of the unique holiday travel destinations of the world. New Zealand is a paradise for your holiday memories and pictures, and that famous NZ hospitality will make you feel welcome.

The natural scenic beauty of New Zealand and range of activities, from the relaxing to extreme, means you can't fail to find things to do and see that suit you in this awesome destination.