New Zealand Travel Insurance

New Zealand travel insurance is one of the most important things you need to organise during planning your holiday.

When to Buy Travel Insurance

It's always best to get insured before you book any flights, activities, accommodation, car or campervan hire, or anything else for that matter!

Don't be caught out by thinking you can save money by not investing in travel insurance, anything can happen and it is false economy to think that losing luggage or needing hospital treatment while on holiday won't happen to you.

If you have already organised your New Zealand travel insurance and something goes wrong with any of your bookings or other arrangements you will at least know you are insured for these eventualities and they won't become a disaster.

Air New Zealand plane flying through a blue sky with clouds above New Zealand

Nothing is going to ruin your experience more than losing your luggage at the start of your holiday and not being able to replace it, or your chosen airline going out of business, or you lose your passport and equally valuable documentation and possessions, it's easily done and is more common than you may think.

Key tips to remember for New Zealand travel insurance

  1. Buy online... you can often find online special offers
  2. Ensure you are fully covered for the countries you are travelling to
  3. Look for provision that caters for your individual requirements, such as if you are a student or gap year backpacking traveller
  4. Check you can make online claims
  5. Check you can ask for extensions while you are away, you may want to stay longer!
  6. Ensure you will be covered for all overseas medical, evacuation (helicopter rescues are expensive), and baggage expenses
  7. Check how much the excess is for different levels of claims. Sometimes you can pay a little bit more and the excess is then waived
  8. If you intend taking part in adventure activities such as skiing and snowboarding, you will need appropriate cover. Not all companies include these activities in the provision and they are often excluded from a basic holiday cover.