Population of New Zealand

Here is some key information about the population of New Zealand that will be of interest whether you are planning a holiday, a resident New Zealander, or considering moving to New Zealand.

It's difficult to be completely accurate with every fact provided in this section of the site as figures such as these are obviously prone to regular fluctuation.

As a guide, this information can be considered fairly accurate and will be updated periodically.

Resident New Zealand Population Density

There are around 20 inhabitants per sq. km New Zealand population density. The country has nearly 5.3 million total population, with around 76% living on the North Island and just over 1 million on the South Island. Around a third of the total of New Zealanders live in the Auckland Region!

Auckland City Urban Population of New Zealand
Auckland City Urban Population

New Zealand is currently populated to a figure just over 5.2 million with estimations of it increasing approximately every thirteen minutes by 1. Although there are sources that say the figure is different, the information given here is based on those estimated statistics provided by the NZ government in relation to changes occurring through births, deaths and migration. Guides to current figures are:

  • A birth every 9 minutes
  • A death every 15 minutes
  • A net gain of 1 resident approximately every 13 minutes.

These statistics are not to be confused with the 'census night count' which provides a snapshot on one day and provides different figures that also include overseas visitors and do not include residents that may be out of the country at the time of the count.

New Zealand Demographics

New Zealand is mostly inhabited by people of European descent at around 69%, with about 14.6% Maori, 6.9% Pacific Islanders, 9.2% Asian, and 0.3% other nationalities.

Out of the total population, approximately 79% are said to be identifiable as from European ethnic groups, collectively known as Pakeha. Although the term Pakeha means European in general, some Maori use it to refer to all non-Maori New Zealanders.

These demographics do fluctuate and as such will be updated when possible.

Distribution of the New Zealand Population by City

Figures for each area have been rounded up or down and will be updated periodically.

Auckland 1,628,900 million
Wellington 418,500
Christchurch 404,500
Hamilton 241,200
Tauranga 141,600
Napier/Hastings 134,500
Dunedin 122,000
Palmerston North 86,600
Nelson 67,500
Rotorua 59,500
Whangarei 58,800
New Plymouth 58,300
Invercargill 51,200
Kapiti 42,700
Whanganui 40,900
Gisbourne 37,200
Blenheim 31,600
Pukekohe 31,400
Timaru 29,100
Taupo 24,700
Masterton 22,200
Levin 21,200
Ashburton 20,200
Whakatane 19,750
Queenstown 15,850
Oamaru 13,950
Greymouth 9,700
Wanaka 8,890
Motueka 8,450
Picton 4,350

Tauranga City Urban Population Bay of Islands New Zealand
Tauranga City Urban Population, Bay of Islands, New Zealand


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