White Pages NZ

White Pages NZ is a New Zealand residential and business directory that is part of the Yellow Pages Group. Search the comprehensive directories by name and location to get addresses and phone numbers. The results also provide you with access to a map and driving or walking directions from any location to the residential or business address you're looking for.

There is a Postcode Finder on the site. As in many countries, the use of postcodes helps reduce the risk of post going to the wrong address where streets and areas are duplicated or similar within the same country. Post codes create a unique address for New Zealand Post's entire delivery network.

Access to a world clock service is also provided on this site. You insert where you are calling from and where you are calling to into an online form. The results returned provide you with the current time where you are, the current time in New Zealand, the dialling codes required for each area or region of the country, prime call time and when will be the best time to make the call. It's an invaluable service when making international calls!

In addition, the site also provides access to emergency information, although it is only the nationwide numbers and hospitals in main location centres that are provided.

White Pages New Zealand residential and business directory

The main emergency number in New Zealand is 111. Make a note of this number to take with you in case you need to contact emergency services for any reason while on holiday.