Hokitika Walks, New Zealand: West Coast Tracks and Trails

Hokitika is a historic town located on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island, known for its natural wild landscape and seascape, and abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Hokitika Beach Driftwood Sign, Tasman Sea, Hokitika, West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand

Hokitika Beach Walk Driftwood Sign, Tasman Sea, West Coast

There are several scenic Hokitika walks and hikes in and around the town that give visitors opportunity to explore and experience the region's lush native forests, rugged Tasman Sea coastline, and unique landscapes.

List of Hokitika Walks in New Zealand

There is a Hokitika walks map showing hiking tracks and trails at the bottom of this page.

Hokitika Beach Walk:

Distance: Varies and up to you (you can walk for miles)

Description: Stroll along the beautiful Hokitika Beach and enjoy the wild coastline, driftwood sculptures, incredible sunsets, and views of the Southern Alps. This walk is perfect for a relaxing seaside experience.

Sunset walk on Hokitika Beach, West Coast, South Island, Tasman Sea, New Zealand

Sunset Across Tasman Sea, Hokitika Beach Walk, West Coast

Access to Hokitika beach at: Gibson Quay, Sunset Point Rd, Beach St, between some properties on Revell Street,  and where Revell Street meets Richards Drive, north side of Hokitika. (See the map below)

Location: Hokitika Town

Hokitika Gorge Walk:

Distance: 10 minutes to 1 hour (return)

Description: This short walk takes you to the iconic Hokitika Gorge, known for its striking turquoise waters. A swing bridge provides excellent views of the gorge and the surrounding native forest. Hokitika Gorge Walk is boarded and accessible. Parking is available.

Location: Inland from Hokitika Town. See map below

Lake Kaniere Walks:

Distance: Various options, from 10 minutes to several hours

Description: Lake Kaniere is a picturesque lake near Hokitika, offering multiple walking tracks around its shores.

Options include the Dorothy Falls Walk, and the longer Lake Kaniere Walk.

Location: Inland from Hokitika. See map below

Dorothy Falls Walk, Lake Kaniere, Hokitika Walks, West Coast, New Zealand

Dorothy Falls Walk, Lake Kaniere, Hokitika, West Coast

Blue Spur Bushwalk:

Distance: 1-2 hours (return)

Description: Explore the lush forest on this well-maintained track. The walk features towering rimu and kahikatea trees, as well as birdwatching opportunities. It's a great introduction to New Zealand's native flora and fauna. New Zealand Birds

Location: Blue Spur bush walk is inland from Hokitika on Blue Spur Road. See map below

Rimu Loop Walk:

Distance: 30 minutes to 1 hour (return)

Description: This easy short loop walk showcases ancient rimu trees, has panoramic views, and offers insights into the area's gold-mining history.

Location: Carpark at the top of Rimu Hill, 4km over Kaniere Bridge inland from Hokitika. See map below

Lake Mahinapua Walkway:

Distance: 1-2 hours (one way)

Description: This scenic walk follows the shores of Lake Mahinapua through lush New Zealand bush. It's a tranquil escape and is particularly special during sunrise or sunset.

Location: From Hokitika go south on SH6. See map below

Ross Water Race Walkway:

Distance: Approximately 1 hour (return)

Description: Explore the historic Ross Water Race, a remnant of the gold rush era. The walkway meanders alongside the water race, offering a glimpse into the region's gold mining history. There is also an interesting small museum at Ross and you can do gold panning at Ross, hire gold pans from Ross Museum.

Location: Ross is south of Hokitika on SH6. See map below

Kōwhai Forest Walk:

Distance: 20 minutes to 1 hour (return)

Description: Located near Lake Kaniere, this walk takes you through a beautiful flowering kōwhai forest. In spring, the kōwhai trees burst into bright yellow blossoms. New Zealand Seasons

Location: Lake Kaniere is inland from Hokitika. See map below

Kaniere Water Race Walkway:

Distance: Approximately 2 hours (return)

Description: Follow the historic water race built during the gold rush era. This scenic walk takes you through New Zealand’s native bush and provides insights into the area's history.

Location: Lake Kaniere is inland from Hokitika. See map below

Goldsborough Walks:

Distance: Various options, from 10 minutes to 2 hours

Description: Goldsborough offers several short walks, including the Criterion Battery Walk and the Ynys Fraser Walk, where you can explore remnants of the gold mining industry and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Gold panning is permitted at Goldsborough (I found some gold).

Included: Parking, toilets, information boards and historic artefacts, and Department of Conservation Goldsborough campsite.

Location: North of Hokitika on SH6 and turn inland at Awatuna. See map below

Goldsborough walking track, Goldsborough, Hokitika Walks, West Coast, New Zealand

Goldsborough Walking Track, Hokitika, West Coast

Treetop Walkway:

Distance: Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour

Description: Located at the West Coast Treetop Walk and Café, this elevated walkway takes you through the lush canopy of a rimu and kamahi forest. Enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape from the treetops.

Location: North of on Hokitika SH6 and turn inland at Awatuna. See map below

Kokatahi River Walk:

Distance: Approximately 1-2 hours (one way)

Description: Follow the Kokatahi River through a native bush environment. This walk offers a peaceful riverside experience and is excellent for seeing native New Zealand birds.

Location: Inland of Hokitika up the river... See map below

Okarito Trig Walk:

Distance: Approximately 2-3 hours (return)

Description: Starting in the charming village of Okarito, this walk leads you through a mix of rainforest and coastal areas, eventually reaching a trig point with panoramic views of Okarito Lagoon and the Southern Alps.

Location: Okarito is south of Hokitika on SH6. See map below

Harihari Coastal Walkway:

Distance: Various options, from 10 minutes to 2 hours

Description: Explore Harihari's coastal area, with options for shorter walks along the beach or longer hikes that provide scenic views of the coastline, estuaries, and wetlands.

Location: Harihari is south of Hokitika on SH6. See map below

Kakapotahi Beach Walk:

Distance: Varies (you can walk for miles)

Description: Head south of Hokitika to Kakapotahi Beach, where you can enjoy a quiet and secluded beach walk along the wild West Coast. Keep an eye out for unique rock formations.

Location: Kakapotahi Beach is south of Hokitika on SH6. See map below

Moonlight Pack Track:

Distance: Approximately 1-2 hours (return)
Description: This historic track was used by miners during the gold rush. It's a relatively easy walk through native bush, offering glimpses into the area's gold mining heritage.

Location: This track is north of Hokitika inland from Barrytown (SH6). See map below

Hokitika Wild Food Festival Walk:

Distance: Varies (only available during the annual festival)

Description: If you visit during the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival, you can enjoy a short walk with food stalls offering unusual and exotic wild foods, providing a unique culinary experience.

Location: In Hokitika Town annually.

Track Conditions, Outdoor Awareness, Preparation, and Weather

Please note that track conditions, accessibility, and seasonal variations may affect the availability and suitability of these walks. Always check with local authorities or visitor centres for the most up-to-date information before embarking on any of these walks.

New Zealand Land Safety Code (Outdoor Safety Code)

Hokitika Weather Forecast - Metservice external site

Dogs: Please keep dogs under full control when on walks and beaches in New Zealand to protect rare native wildlife and nesting birds, and respect other walkers and families.

Hokitika Walks Map, West Coast, New Zealand

A good place to get information or make bookings is Hokitika i-Site Centre External Link

Conclusion to Walks in Hokitika New Zealand

These Hokitika walks offer a diverse range of experiences, from serene lakeside strolls to rainforest adventures and historical explorations. Whether you're a nature lover, serious hiker, photographer, history buff, or simply seeking outdoor relaxation, Hokitika walks have something to suit your interests.