New Zealand Airports and Airstrips

There are five New Zealand airports catering for international flights from around the world and numerous domestic flight airports for national flights around New Zealand.

The two largest international airports are Auckland in the North Island and Christchurch in the South Island.

Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport New Zealand

International New Zealand Airports

New Zealand international airports run long haul flights to other countries and domestic flights across New Zealand. See list of national airports below.

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North Island

South Island

Main Domestic New Zealand Airports and Airstrips

In addition to the above larger international airports, these main domestic airports or smaller airstrips make flying within and across both main islands and smaller islands of New Zealand fast and hassle free.

International Arrivals Airport in New Zealand
International Arrivals Sign at an Airport in New Zealand

North Island

South Island

Smaller Airports and Airstrips in New Zealand

Air New Zealand Domestic Flight Departing Auckland Airport
Air New Zealand Domestic Flight Departing Auckland Airport

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