Air New Zealand Flights

Air New Zealand flights have become a world recognised national and international air travel company out of the New Zealand airlines. Many years ago, their first flight carried ten passengers between NZ and Australia.

Air New Zealand flight to Auckland via Shanghai Airport
Air New Zealand Flight to New Zealand

Air New Zealand runs domestic and international flights to and between Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, Hong Kong, LA, Fiji, and the Cook Islands, to name a few of the many destinations they cover.

As well as worldwide flights, Air New Zealand travel covers a domestic network of flights within New Zealand across both the North Island and South Island.

List of New Zealand Airport locations.

Air NZ transports passengers between at least 25 destinations around New Zealand that include; as far north as Kaitaia in the North Island and down to the southernmost destination in the South Island at Invercargill.

In Flight Comfort and Entertainment

Air New Zealand has increased their amount of in-flight entertainment recently to provide their passengers with a multitude of in-flight movies, television programmes, music, and games, on all international flights including Boeing 747, 777, 767, A320. Individual and on-demand digital entertainment systems mean you can choose what you watch or listen to all through the flight.

As part of the long term innovative travel plans for Air New Zealand flights, their aim is to provide more comfort, Air NZ are also introducing a new concept that has been in the news as a step forward in air travel. This is to convert some of the economy class seats into what they have named ‘Sky couch’ seating. These specially converted seats mean passengers will be able to lay down flat during their flight!

Flight Food and Beverages

Air New Zealand has always taken pride in the quality of food they serve to their international passengers that include flavours from New Zealand.

Air NZ employs consultant chefs and wine experts to ensure quality is maintained.

There is nothing better than enjoying a good quality meal during your flight while relaxing in seating that has ample room for your legs.

Air New Zealand Long Haul Flights

On a long-haul flight you really need to book with an airline that understands comfort is needed.

If you are heading to New Zealand from the UK or elsewhere in Europe, you need to be assured that when you arrive in NZ you are not going to feel jetlagged for three days so do be sure to choose a good airline such as Air NZ!

Air New Zealand flights provides three different classes for long-haul. These classes are; Business Premier, Premium Economy and Economy Class.

All three classes offer different levels of comfort and entertainment, be sure to check the Air New Zealand website for the latest details.

New Zealand Airports

List of New Zealand Airports

Auckland Airport seems to be the most popular for international air arrivals in New Zealand. The arrivals and departures of Auckland Airport serve the biggest number of passenger flights in and out of New Zealand.

Other main airports are located in Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, Dunedin, Tauranga, Hamilton, and Palmerston North.

I’ve found that if I plan my itinerary so that I arrive at one New Zealand airport, and depart from another, it saves a lot of driving time when traveling around both islands on limited time.

For example, arriving at Auckland Airport and spending a week in the North Island, followed by flying Air New Zealand flights from Auckland to Christchurch Airport and spending two weeks travelling around the South Island, back to Auckland and home. This cuts out a few days driving between islands and was ideal for my last holiday in NZ.

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights are available to transport you to locations across both islands with airports from Stewart Island to the far north of Northland.

National domestic airports do vary in size but provide countrywide access to fly across locations a lot quicker than it takes to drive. If you have a lot of activities planned and not very much time to spend on driving between locations, a domestic flight is ideal.

There are many small air travel operations to choose from that run charter flights and/or scenic tours to all regions of NZ.

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