New Zealand Airlines

Of the New Zealand airlines Air New Zealand is the countries main domestic airline. Jetstar and Virgin Australia also provide air services for the country.

There is a comprehensive network of international and domestic airports across New Zealand making every part of the country accessible to everyone.

The facilities of NZ airports varies according to likely demand but you can get to and from as far south as the Ryan's Creek Aerodrome on Stewart Island to as far north as Kaitaia Airport in the far north of the North Island.

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Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Napier Airport
Air New Zealand Flying over Napier

Air New Zealand has a domestic network of flights that cover the whole country across both the North and South Islands.

The domestic network that's covered by Air New Zealand extends right across the length of the whole country and both the North and South Islands. Twenty six destinations (correct today) from the South Islands southern tip where Invercargill is located, right up to Kaitaia that is situated at the northern end of the North Island.

Air New Zealand Auckland Airport
Air New Zealand at Auckland Airport

The busiest airports in New Zealand for international and domestic travellers are in cities such as the capital, Wellington, Auckland in the North Island, and Christchurch in the South Island.


Among the worldwide country services provided by this airline, Jetstar also services international flights between Australia and New Zealand to and from some locations.

Jetstar also provides domestic flights to and between main airports within New Zealand, namely Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown and Wellington.

In Country New Zealand Airlines and Destinations

You can use a domestic flight to get to many locations across the whole country with domestic airports from the far north to Stewart Island in the south.

List of Airports in New Zealand

The domestic airports vary in size but they provide access to quickly fly across locations in a shorter time that if you were to drive the whole length of the country.

It's all dependent on what activities you have planned and how much time you have to travel from one location to another.


Big airlines such as Air NZ also do cross country flights. Alternatively there are small air travel operations running charter flights and scenic tours across all regions of New Zealand, or visit my Flights to New Zealand page for International flights.

List of New Zealand Airlines

Air New Zealand


Virgin Australia