New Zealand Photos

This country is a photographers dream where the opportunities for taking top quality New Zealand photos is around every single corner.

Trying to drive from one location to another without stopping round every bend is impossible there are so many unique landscapes, birds, animals, and unusual things to take pictures of in NZ.

Photo of Takahē Taken at Zealandia Ecosanctuary

South Island Takahe at Zealandia Urban Ecosanctuary in Wellington, New Zealand

When we were visiting Hokitika for a few days, we met a professional wildlife photographer while he was over in New Zealand on a 3 month tour of the country.

He had travelled to NZ specifically for the experience of being able to take hundreds of unusual and high quality photographs of wildlife that simply can't be taken anywhere else.

He said that the lighting is unique, the landscape is stunning and incredibly varied, and the opportunities to photograph wildlife are in abundance.

Coromandel Peninsula, view from Mount Paku
Coromandel Peninsula, view from Mount Paku

All images on this site are copyrighted without exception. If you are interested in using a copy of any of the photos please contact me. Alternatively I have started putting some images online for sale as stock photos, you can find them here Stock photography by Caroline Ord-Hume.

Central Otago, Dunstan Mountains
Central Otago, Dunstan Mountains

Nearly all of the photographs on this site were taken by myself or my daughter, Daniella. We are both enthusiastic about wildlife photography and landscape photography, Daniella also have a keen interest in film photography and develops her own photographs. Any photos not taken by us will have the photographers name indicated with the image.

Our travelling in New Zealand proved to be an excellent opportunity for us both to take some fantastic scenic and wildlife photos. The only regret is that we did not have a tripod with us the first time as it would have improved on the quality of some of the shots. However, you can't carry everything when you're travelling!


If you are planning a holiday to NZ you will certainly want to take some pictures to record your experiences. It is well worth investing in a small and reasonable quality camera if you haven't got one. Digital cameras are such good quality for the price now that you're sure to find something to suit your activities and budget.

If you are a professional photographer you will no doubt have quite a bit of equipment to carry around with you and will know that a tripod is invaluable!

Battery Charging

Don't forget to buy some additional memory cards for storing your New Zealand photos, a spare battery, and make sure you have a battery charger with you (easily forgotten). We knew that we would be spending a lot of time on the road in NZ so we invested in a universal battery charger that plugs in to the cigarette lighter socket of any vehicle. It was brilliant and gave us the facility of charging the spare battery while driving around in the campervan. We also used the vehicle lighter socket for charging my mobile phone.

We also bought an adaptor for plugging in our camera and mobile phone chargers into the NZ mains electricity at camp sites. All these things certainly were a good investment and were invaluable towards our holiday experience.

Stock Photos

Stock photography by Caroline Ord-Hume

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