Whanganui Journey New Zealand

Although classified as one of the Great Walks, the Whanganui Journey is actually down a river in the Whanganui National Park in New Zealand's North Island. A river trip in a kayak.

North Island
5 days
145 km

Peak Season is October to April - Pass required

Off Season - Hut tickets required

Winding its way down to the Tasman Sea, this River passes through central North Island valleys, forests, and hills.

Whanganui Journey

On average, the 145 km River trip between Taumarunui and Pipiriki requires 5 days of kayaking/canoeing to complete. A shorter option is the 3 day trip running from Whakahoro to Pipiriki.

If kayaking down river isn't your thing, or your party has different activities in mind, there are lots of hiking tracks to choose from in Whanganui National Park. You can choose either dry land or the river.

This region has a unique history and Māori culture is an important part of the National Park experience. In the early years, more than 600 years ago, Māori used the River to trade and communicate with tribes in distant regions.

Situated in the middle of the North Island, the closest towns you'll find are; to the north 'Taumarunui', to the south 'Whanganui', with smaller settlements being Pipiriki, Ohinepane, and Whakahoro providing access to the Whanganui Journey River.

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GREAT WALKS OF NEW ZEALAND - Craig Potton with Shaun Barnett

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