Auckland Museum and War Memorial

Auckland War Memorial Museum is hosted in one of New Zealand's finest heritage buildings and a great place to learn about the history and heritage of the country while you are in Auckland.

The magnificent building stands in Auckland Domain and commands spectacular views across the city and Auckland harbour. The Domain is Auckland city's oldest and most popular park.

Historic Auckland War Memorial Museum, The Auckland Domain
Auckland War Memorial Museum Heritage Building, The Auckland Domain

There is a sculpture walk in the park that includes many sculptures from leading New Zealand artists.

Auckland Mujseum Shops

Shops in the museum stock a wide range of gifts and souvenirs, and when you want to relax for a while there is a cafe that is open from 10am every day.

Auckland War Memorial Museum Collections

There are many collections of Māori and Pacific artefacts that are among the most important in the prehistory and history of New Zealand. The museum is also a memorial to New Zealanders at war through history.

The Museum's three floors tell many stories of New Zealand. These stories start with the fantastic first Polynesian voyages which brought people to Aotearoa.

Giant Moa, Auckland Museum New Zealand
Giant Moa

The wide range of unique and remarkable flora and fauna is displayed, and access to research information about the geography and landforms of these unique islands is provided.

Visiting Auckland Museum

I have visited Auckland Museum several times and was keen to take my daughter there on my second visit. The museum is fantastic from an educational perspective, but I also feel that to be able to show her some of the New Zealand history in this way is an important part of travelling to other countries together.

I particularly wanted my daughter to see some of the Māori carvings and artefacts, the evidence of NZ animals and birds that are now extinct such as the Giant Moa, and to give her the opportunity to learn something of how the islands were formed.

View of Auckland Museum From Sky Tower
(Photo taken through tinted window)
Auckland Museum aerial view from Sky Tower, New Zealand

Opening Hours

Daily 10am-5pm. Closed Christmas Day. Māori Cultural Performances are held 3 times a day

Admission charges rely on donation with a recommendation of $5 being suggested for adults

Auckland Museum website

Maori Building Auckland Museum New Zealand
Maori Building

Maori Carving Auckland Museum New Zealand
Maori Carving

Maori Carving Auckland Museum New Zealand
Maori Carving Auckland Museum New Zealand