Tongariro Crossing New Zealand

The Tongariro Crossing in the Tongariro National Park is considered to be the most popular, and spectacular, of all the one day walks in New Zealand.

Established in 1887, the park is a world re-known World Heritage site in the centre of the North Island that is recognised for the importance of its Maori spiritual and cultural significance.

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing passes through the park and some of the most magnificent and varied landscapes including; volcanic terrain, geological features, mountain springs, active craters and emerald coloured lakes, steam vents and lava flows.

The still-active and majestic volcano Mount Ngauruhoe was used as Mount Doom in the trilogy Lord of the Rings and attracts many visitors.

Tongariro Crossing
Tongariro National Park Flora

Tongariro National Park. Photographer: Rob Suisted
Tongariro Landscape

Tongariro Crossing scenery. Photographer: Rob Suisted
Tongariro Crossing scenery

If you like being out in the natural environment, learning about cultural significance and the history of such landscapes, this walk certainly provides amazing views and makes for a memorable experience. The nearest towns for the Tongariro Crossing are Turangi, National Park and Ohakune

By far the best way to do a walk like this, particularly if you are a visitor to New Zealand, is to take a guided walk with a local company that can not only guide you across the full Tongariro Alpine Crossing, but also provide experiential learning throughout the tour.

Professional local guides teach you about past and present culture, the natural environment, and will tell you stories and histories of the people and region.

You won’t just be wandering along surrounded by some of the most spectacular countryside in the world; you will be fascinated by stories such as the one of a love story... a love story that caused a rift between mountains!

Look for a tour guide company able to guide the full Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Their knowledge and experience means you can enjoy an informative and relaxing walk in their safe hands. Have a stress free day out in Tongariro National Park.

Tongariro National Park Flora
Tongariro National Park Flora


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