Experience Annual Events in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, the vibrant capital city of New Zealand, is known for its rich culture and a thriving arts scene.

Throughout the year, this charming city plays host to a variety of Wellington annual events and festivals that showcase its unique character and bring communities together.

Wellington Yearly Events and Festivals

Whether you're a resident or a visitor, these events offer a chance to immerse yourself in the Wellington spirit. Here is a taster of some of the annual events that make Wellington a great destination.

Wellington Festival of the Arts New Zealand

Date: February-March
Description: This multi-disciplinary arts festival transforms Wellington into a hub of creativity. From visual arts to performing arts, you can experience an array of exhibitions, theatre performances, music concerts, and more. The festival attracts artists and art enthusiasts from around the world. https://www.festival.nz/

New Zealand Fringe Festival

Date: February-March over three weeks
Description: A celebration of the arts featuring a diverse program of  more than 700 events all around Wellington in a variety of venues and locations. https://fringe.co.nz/

Māoriland Film Festival Wellington

Date: March
Description: Celebrating indigenous cinema, the Māoriland Film Festival showcases films that focus on indigenous cultures and stories. It's an opportunity to engage with powerful storytelling and gain insights into indigenous perspectives. https://maorilandfilm.co.nz/

Wellington Jazz Festival 

Date: Usually held in June
Description: Jazz enthusiasts flock to Wellington for this annual music festival. You can enjoy a wide range of jazz styles, from traditional to contemporary, performed by both local and international artists. The festival also includes workshops and jam sessions for aspiring musicians. https://www.jazzfestival.nz/

Wellington on a Plate

Date: August
Description: Calling all foodies! Wellington on a Plate is a culinary celebration that highlights the city's vibrant food scene. Participating restaurants offer special menus, food-related events, and cooking workshops. It's a delicious way to explore the city's gastronomic delights. https://visawoap.com/

Beervana Wellington

Date: August
Description: Craft beer lovers rejoice! Beervana is New Zealand's largest craft beer festival, featuring a vast selection of local and international brews. The event includes tastings, beer and food pairings, and opportunities to meet brewers. https://beervana.co.nz/

World of Wearable Art, Wellington, New Zealand

Date: September October
Description: Since 1987, World of Wearable Art (WOW) has run an annual design competition culminating in a theatrical performance for all. https://www.worldofwearableart.com/

Wellington Diwali Festival

Date: October
Description: Embracing cultural diversity, the Wellington Diwali Festival is a vibrant celebration of Indian culture. It features traditional dance performances, delicious Indian cuisine, and a lively atmosphere, attracting people from various backgrounds. https://wellington.govt.nz/news-and-events/

Wellington Christmas Parade, A Very Welly Christmas

Date: December (or late November)
Description: The festive season in Wellington kicks off with the Christmas Parade. Colourful floats, marching bands, and Santa Claus himself make their way through the streets, spreading holiday cheer.

New Year's Eve Fireworks in Wellington

Date: December 31st
Description: Wellington bids farewell to the old year and welcomes the new one with a spectacular fireworks display over the harbour. It's a fantastic way to start the year with a bang.

These annual events in Wellington capture the city's dynamic and diverse spirit. Whether you're interested in the arts, music, food, or cultural celebrations, Wellington has something to offer year-round. Make sure to check the specific dates and details for each event when planning your visit to this vibrant New Zealand capital.

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